Hot, Chocolate, Float

This perfectly creamy, rich hot cocoa is best paired with a blanket and a book in Winter. Like on Facebook : Jeevancooking Follow on Twitter : @noobcooking

Sandwich Roll Ups

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Palak Paneer

It’s Mother’s Week! Starting today, we’ll be over-dosing on home-cooked food and Ma’s love. For the first edition, we bring you Mrs. Sharma ke haath ka, ‘Mamma Wala Palak Paneer’. And you won’t believe what the secret ingredient is. *Caution: Saliva tsunami alert!   Thanks to Awesome Sauce India for sharing this awesome video.

Summer Special : COMING SOON

It’s summer and it’s hot out. No one want be in kitchen for all day, or really for any second longer than necessary. To counter this problem going to post some quick and easy, and most importantly cool, recipe for you to try this summer. By: Jeevan Prakash

Navratri Vrat Recipes

Here you will find a compiled list of fasting or vrat recipes that are made during the Navratri festival. Mixed Fruit Salad During Navratri you have to look after what you are eating. You need lots of energy as you   eat once in a day, it need to be healthy and nutritious. So lets start…